In addition to production, NH MEDIA ENTERPRISES offers public relations and marketing services, and leads its customers with the latest methods and know-how from the field (facebook marketing, email marketing, remarketing, Google Adwords, video marketing) to success.

On the road to success, we use the most modern strategies and in-house NH MEDIA ENTERPRISES methodology that are the guarantee of our common success.

About Us

NH MEDIA ENTERPRISES is a PR agency and production center focusing on the development of digital marketing. The business goal of NH MEDIA ENTERPRISES is to help other business and legal entities (small and medium entrepreneurs and show business stars) to increase their work potential and capitalize their knowledge and skills in the market. It is a socially responsible agency that cares about the environment, encourages environmental protection and carries out all its activities, making sure that it does not cause any environmental damage.
NH MEDIA ENTERPRISES is already highlighting in the field of humanitarian work. We have successfully implemented a humanitarian action to help the victims of flooding in Slavonia in the flooded areas, where we recorded the documentaries "Prava Hrvatska1" and "Prava Hrvatska2".

Our team

Nenad Hervatin

The winner of an Oscar at PR Worldwide AWARDS 2013 for project of development a relationship with the media of the Carpe Diem group in Hvar, and the winner of the prestigious title of media professional of the year. After ten years of media experience on Nova TV, where Nenad Hervatin became a recognizable media person, he decided to improve his current knowledge and skills and open his own PR agency and production company. He graduated from Business Management and Communication at the University of Cambridge in 2014. and speaks English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Filip Zolota

Filip is the owner and director of the influential IT company in Croatia, ZOLOTA IT LTD, which deals with business and project management, branding and graphic design (UX design, web, internet application development). ZOLOTA IT LTD is active in the UK, USA and Germany markets. His department also focuses on the development of communication with key clients, and since 2014 teaches information management at Ivor School where he runs computer and digital marketing and also graphic and web design. Since March 2015, Filip is an active member of the Economic Council of the University of applied sciences Velika Gorica. He is one of the founders of KYOSHI - KNOW HOW CENTER, where he transfers his knowledge and skills to IT training.

Ivan Lukić
Video Producer

The job he deals with is, for him, a great passion, which results in a very responsible approach. HE gained experience through previous jobs as an official filmmaker of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and as co-founder of a private studio. Ivan is also an experienced television producer who has perfected these skills by working for the Fight Channel. Our great fighter has a great guide thought: Everything that has to be done "yesterday" is done with high quality and creativity. His field of work, along with video production, covers and captures, photographing, designing and writing scenarios, animations, 3D models, tones, and everything else that binds to the production itself.

Anamaria Parić
Graphic and WEB Designer, Artistic Director

Our Ana is a passionate fan of graphic design and web design as well as development concepts. With her, the possibility of creative, visual, independent work as well as those in the team, is a real pleasure. Guided by deadlines because she knows how much respecting time constraints are important for customers, she is willing to invest as long as it takes to successfully complete a project from start to finish, without compromising on excellence. Work design in any sense for Ana is a great joy because she has the opportunity to implement her knowledge or certain standards of aesthetics and functionality, norms and rules of design as well as art through day-to-day work. She sees a golden cut everywhere around her, and it is the main driver of his work. When it comes to graphic design (print preparation, visual identity creation, vector graphics, 3D modeling, photo processing or any digital graphics, animation of graphic elements), web design (graphic design of elements that ultimately makes the CSS web, HTML5 web deployments, web site management and SEO), creative campaign creation, designing and writing texts and other web content, video scenarios, UX and UI applications - Ana is our strength!


Grad Pula
Grad Pula media monitoring, sustavno praćenje i analiza, te izrada strategije komuniciranja s javnostima
Adrinaut razvoj marketinške strategije i širenje poslovanja na inozemno tržište
Business café
Business café stručna edukacija i predavanja na temu odnosa s javnostima i razvoja digitalnog marketinga
Restoran Divan copywriting, izrada web stranica
101 Hair Clinic
101 Hair Clinic Odnosi s javnostima, PR usluge
Prava Hrvatska Produkcija dokumentarnog filma o poplavama u Slavoniji 2014. godine
Udruženje manekena hrvatske WORLD TOP MODEL 2015 marketing
Humanitarni projekt "Kristina, kraljica duše"
Humanitarni projekt "Kristina, kraljica duše" event menadžment i organizacija humanitarnog koncerta za djecu oboljelih od malignih bolesti KBC Zagreb i KBC Split
TV ISTRA programska direktura
Zračna luka Pula
Zračna luka Pula vođenje društvenih mreža


Real Croatia - a documentary film
Carpe Diem Beach


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